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San Francisco Fog Adds to City's Mystique

Of the 100 cities in the world that see the most tourists, San Francisco ranks at number 33, making it one of the most popular destination cities for both Americans and people from all major areas of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Vacation rentals in San Francisco are so popular because the city has so many iconic locations and features that have been represented in television and film.

One of the most famous elements of San Francisco is natural rather than manmade and consists of the dense coastal fog that can blanket the bay so thoroughly that only the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge is visible above it. Indeed, it was noted American novelist and humorist Mark Twain who once remarked of the fog, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Though tongue in cheek, the remark does have some merit. Travelers to San Francisco should come prepared even during the warmest months for an occasional cold spell.

All told, however, the city also has lovely summer days that draw area residents to the shoreline where they bask on the beaches or frolic in the Pacific Ocean. Many of these same beaches feature marine mammals during the summer, and it is not unusual to spot seals in the water or even clambering up onto the sand a short distance from bathers.

Tourist sites that most visitors choose to see include Chinatown, the largest collection of Chinese people in one place outside Asia, as well as Fisherman's Wharf, where tourists can visit a working fish market and then stay for a seafood lunch.

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