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Fairhope, Alabama is a small city located along Mobile Bay, which is a stretch of the Gulf Coast. Well known for its hospitality and Southern charm, Fairhope is also the home of an annual phenomenon known as the jubilee. For more than 50 years, visitors and residents alike in Fairhope have enjoyed the spectacle of aquatic animals coming into the shallow water close to shore. The species of sea life that exhibit this behavior during the jubilee include flounder, blue crabs, stingrays, and eels. It is not hard to see why this time of year is excellent for prospective and experienced anglers to book vacation homes in Fairhope.

Another reason to visit Fairhope is the nearby Weeks Bay Nature Reserve. Here, tourists can walk along elevated walkways, exploring the forest and the swamps that make up the majority of the ecosystems in the area. Notable plants that can be seen from the boardwalks here include oak trees and pitcher plants.

The climate in Fairhope, as in much of Alabama, is considered both humid and subtropical. Summers here are generally hot, with average high temperatures in the 90-degree range. This makes it perfect for summer swimming and sunbathing activities. Winters tend to be mild, with high temperatures averaging almost 60 degrees, making Fairhope an ideal getaway during the colder months of the year. For decades, intellectuals and artists have taken advantage of Fairhope's mild winters.

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